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Scalable. Intuitive. Future proof security

 Electronic access control is the most effective way of securing your building.

But you need a system you can rely on that’s easy-to-use and simple to install.

Paxton security systems deliver flexible control over users’ access rights.

After installation, all the doors controlled by your system lock automatically. Once closed, only those in possession of a PIN or access token can gain admittance.

Plus, every Paxton system is backed up with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Isn’t it time you said goodbye to locks and keys?

Call us today on 020 7697 8866 or 01728 663297 or email and get the ultimate protection for your premises.

Stand-alone Paxton security access control

Paxton has a solution for every need.

For smaller organisations looking for low-security access control for internal doors, they offer a compact system that includes an integrated reader and control unit.

Quick and easy to install, you can choose between their simple token management (using Paxton’s card packs) proximity, magstripe and keypad access.

For your external doors, you’ll need higher security levels. Paxton provides a stand-alone solution for that too.

Paxton advanced control system

Security requirements for larger premises are more complex.

That’s where Paxton’s PC based access control system comes into its own.

It offers centralised administration and control of multiple doors and users. Privileges can be tailored on an individual basis quickly and easily.

Plus, free software updates means your system is future proof.

Find out more about Paxton systems by calling us on 020 7697 8866 or 01728 663297 or email

Who is Smart Protection Systems?

Working across London, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, Smart Protection has been looking after the security of its commercial and domestic clients since 2003.

We offer Paxton systems because we believe they are the best on the market. Backed up by their warranty and our exceptional service standards, your security is in safe hands.

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